A modular, scalable, deployable platform to refine + recover the critical elements required by the magnet and battery industries.

The novel process of metal recovery explained

The World's First Commercial Producer of Rare Earth Elements and Critical Battery Metals from Recycled Materials

ReElement's metal recovery platform takes conventional recycling to the next step and closes the loop on the circular economy by recovering all critical metals back to magnet and battery-grade quality.




American Resources Corporation Signs Long-Term Lithium Spodumene Purchase Agreement in South Africa

ReElement parent organization, American Resources Corporation, begins South African partnership through the signing of an offtake agreement to purchase 6%+ lithium spodumene ores to be refined to battery-grade lithium carbonate or hydroxide using ReElement Technologies' novel metal recovery processes.


Signs Lithium Offtake Partnership with American Lithium Energy

ReElement Technologies will supply the high-purity lithium and other refined battery minerals to be used in creating ALE's state-of-the-art batteries that are used in a variety of applications and industries including medical, aerospace, defense, and electric vehicles.


Inaugural Run of Critical Battery Metal Recovery Platform

ReElement produces battery-grade lithium carbonate at greater than 99.9% purity from recycled batteries using our proprietary multi-modal chromatography technology.


Domestic, Circular Supply Chain for Permanent Magnets Brought Online for First Time in History

USA Rare Earth and ReElement Technologies sign MOU to rebuild the domestic permanent magnet supply chain using rare earth elements recovered from recycled materials, supplied by ReElement. USA Rare Earth will begin operations at their commercial permanent magnet manufacturing facility in Stillwater, Oklahoma.


Inaugural Run of Rare Earth Recovery Platform

ReElement successfully completes the world's first critical metal recovery by separating and purifying Neodymium, Praseodymium, and Dysprosium at 99.9% purity from wind turbine permanent magnets acquired from BP Alternative.


Pilot Facility Development Begins

Company begins build-out of metal recovery pilot facility in Noblesville, Indiana, with the supervision of former Eli Liliy chromatography expert, William E. Smith.


Acquries Purdue University's Rare Earth Element & Critical Materials Purification Patent

ReElement Technologies, known at that time as "American Rare Earth," begins partnership with Purdue University's, Dr. Linda Wang, PhD, to develop and commercialize rare earth and critical materials separation and purification technology using column chromatography.


Acquires Ohio University's Coal Electrolysis Patent

Partnership was formed with Dr. Geraldine Botte, PhD, to develop and commercialize her technology to leverage coal electrolysis as a method to generate hydrogen, liquid fuels, and advance carbon nanotubes.


Initial Testing & Feasibility Studies

ReElement was born from the need to steward the environment surrounding coal mining projects. Ongoing testing and monitoring of the coal waste streams revealed a non-trivial quantity of valuable rare earth elements present. Our founders sought out creative methods to recover these metals rather than dispose of them in the treatment process. From that research, American Rare Earth, later renamed ReElement Technologies, was born.

Expanding the Zero-Waste Circular Economy