our process
American Rare Earth was initially established to manage and consolidate the rare earth sites of its affiliate American Resources Corporation. Through over 9 acquisitions the Company was able to acquire, analyze and develop a low invasive portfolio of attractive rare earth sites. The company has spent over two years analyzing and evaluating sites that could be attractive for low radiation based rare earth elements. Given the successful evaluation the company is taking the division to the next level focusing not only on consolidation but also extraction and processing.
Critical Element Extraction and concentration
The Company utilizes three primary methods of critical element extraction and concentration. We believe the processes we utilize are the only in the world that can be viewed as environmentally positive due to the methods of cleaning the water as well as the soils from previously impacted mining sites.
"With over 13 years of experience in the region the company has the relationships, wherewithal and unique process to quickly attractive growth opportunities. We are focused on next generation of rare earth production in the united states using environmentally sound techniques."
hub and spoke Supply chain management
The Company utilizes an efficient and cost effective hub and spoke supply chain to concentrate and process critical elements from geographic region with a radius of 150 to 200 miles or greater depending on the localized concentrate.  
Expansion Opportunities
Access to over 13,000 surface and 16,000 mineral acres for future expansion potential.

Relationship base for significant expansion beyond currently identified sites.

Operational team has completed over 9 acquisition and one of the few diversified players in the space that can uniquely leverage multiple revenue sources from various properties.