"ReElement Technologies is changing the dynamics for the domestic supply of critical and rare earth elements for the worlds electrification marketplace. Our projects are highly scalable and can completely disrupt the supply chain and thought process around rare earth extraction and development. We aim to scale at an aggressive pace in terms of production be one of the only environmentally positive critical element producers in the world."
- Mark Laverghetta, project lead

Over the past six years, our team has put together a technology platform of over 16 patents and technology licenses that complete the recycle, recover, rebuild circular economy.

Our IP will enable a fully domestic supply chain that is both cost effective versus existing technologies and with superior environmental sustainability.

ReElement is building a rare earth and battery grade element processing plant that can scale rapidly and economically produce rare earth and battery metals for the North American market at purities exceeding 99 percent.

Our first facility will begin operations in Q3 of 2022 and is capable of generating north of $5 million in revenue by producing 56,000 kilograms of sellable rare earth and battery metals.

We are currently in the design phase of our larger scale commercial facilities expected to operate up to 12 production trains producing 20 times the rare earth and battery metals from a multitude of feedstocks.