ReElement Technologies has developed a highly-refined chromatography process to recycle end-of-life hardware and recover their raw materials, namely the rare earth and battery metal elements so they can be rebuilt into the next generation of applications

Our commercial scale element recovery process and technology has been developed from 40 years of research through Dr. Linda Wang at Purdue University. Our multi-mode chromatography process is designed to be scalable to meet the demands of the market and adaptable to the evolution of various feedstocks and battery chemistries.

Environmentally, we have developed the safest method ever to recover critical mineral elements with almost zero waste. Everything put into our process can either be sold, recycled, or stored for additional processing and recovery. The low energy requirements to run the process means minimal hydrocarbon emissions. Our process reduces the need for mined ores which means less land disturbance.

With our initial chromatography facility located in Noblesville, Indiana, ReElement Technologies will be the first to commercially produce purified rare earth and battery metal elements from recycled, end-of-life materials.