The Pillar of the Circular Economy

ReElement Technologies has built the first complete metal recovery solution using chromatographic separation to isolate and purify the rare earth elements (REEs) and battery metals. Our process is feedstock agnostic and accepts all forms of end-of-life permanent magnets and lithium-based batteries. 

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The Circular Economy

ReElement plugs in the circular economy for the first time ever with our suite of processing technologies.

Industry, infrastructure, national defense, and energy resources can now be rebuilt and maintained indefinitely with critical elements recovered from our process therefore reducing the dependence on overseas mining and processing.

End-of-Life Materials

Our recovery process accepts all expired rare earth magnets and lithium-ion batteries. We are feedstock agnostic so there is no battery too small nor magnet too large to be processed and recovered by ReElement.


Ligand displacement chromatography is the heart of our process which can isolate and purify individual rare earth and battery elements at purities exceeding 99 percent.

Our solution not only recovers these elements at a fraction of the cost of current methods, but we are able to recycle and reprocess all system inputs making ReElement the most sustainable solution for metal recovery.

Critical Minerals

ReElement’s focus is on recovering the critical mineral elements. These are the metal elements needed to power advanced technologies, national defense, and specialized industries that are at risk of supply chain disruption.

The critical minerals include the 17 rare earth elements and the battery metal elements such as lithium, nickel, manganese, and cobalt.

Our technology completes the circular economy by recycling end-of-life magnets and batteries to recover their critical mineral elements for the next generation of applications and hardware.