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Capture. Process. Purify.

reELEMENT Technologies LLC, a subsidiary of American Resources Corporation (NASDAQ: AREC), utilizes high value technology for the isolation and purification of rare earth and battery metals. Our technology platform enables to compete not only in cost, but also environmentally and through the production of consistent qualities.

The heart of our rare earth and battery e recycling process is to capturing end of life products (windmill generators, electric vehicle motors, lithium-ion batteries / black mass, and carbon based deposit feedstocks), digest them to a salt and to then utilize separation displacement chromatography to isolate and purify the individual elements at a 99%+ purity. ‍
"reELEMENT Technologies is changing the dynamics for the domestic supply of critical and rare earth elements for the worlds electrification marketplace. Our projects are highly scalable and can completely disrupt the supply chain and thought process around rare earth extraction and development. We aim to scale at an aggressive pace in terms of production be one of the only environmentally positive critical element producers in the world."
MARK J. Laverghetta
project lead
A primary driver to our operating strategy is based not only on maximizing value for our deposits but also creating well deserved jobs for the community and protecting the environment.
our core principles
Low Cost Operator
Low Cost Operator
Safety & Environmentally Driven
Safety & Environmentally Driven
Growth Oriented
Growth Oriented Operating Team & Partnerships
Our operations
reELEMENT is building a rare earth and battery grade element processing plant that can scale rapidly and economically produce isolated and purified rare earth and battery metals for the North American market.
Processing Facility
We are currently in the design phase of our larger scale commercial facility (magnitude of 10 to 20x current facility) that will operate up to 12 production trains to isolate and purify rare earth elements and battery metals from a multitude of feedstocks capable of producing over 3.0 million kgs of rare earth and critical elements.

Our first facility, which is in the final stages of completion, is capable of generating north of $5 million of revenues producing 56,000 kgs of 99%+ purity of sellable rare earth elements and battery metals.
IP Portfolio
Over the last six years the company has put together a full lifecycle technology process chain (Capture. Process. Purify.) of over 16 patents and technologies licenses.

Our IP will enable a full domestic supply chain that is not only environmentally sensitive but very cost effective versus the existing technology used in China.
Company Overview