A tour of our critical metal recovery facility

An Ecosystem Built For Decentralized Utility

We make the world's most finite resources infinite.

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The pillar of the circular economy.

Solving the circular and purification bottleneck.

Reclaiming control over supply chains for magnet and battery manufacturers.

We make IRA compliance possible with better refining and recycling.

Low Capex

A smaller, cleaner, leaner form of recycling with no compromise of quality or quantity.

The extreme efficiency of chromatography allows for a single deployable platform to replace a stadium-sized metal extraction facility along with the massive costs and long construction times. The low capex that goes into our modular platform makes ReElement the obvious choice for magnet and battery manufacturers to quickly deploy and begin refining end-of-life material, manufacturing waste, and virgin ores.


Eliminating logistical complexities for battery and magnet manufacturers.

The problem battery manufacturers face with recycling solutions are the costs and safety hazards of moving large volumes of lithium-based batteries. ReElement solves this problem root and stem by deploying our modular platform directly on partnering manufacturing sites to continuously recover the waste along with refining new recycled materials to be put directly back into the supply chain.

Easy Permitting

The most environmentally safe method of metal recovery in existence.

Our process is near zero waste with very few harsh chemicals compared to legacy methods of metal recycling. Everything put into our process can either be sold, recycled, or stored for additional processing or reuse. The benefits of our chromatography system allow for easy and fast permitting without having to wait years or even months to begin constructing new sites or co-locating on a partnering site


Capable of meeting the refining needs of any size operation.

Our proprietary mass-balance software enables our technology to expand or contract in volume output depending on the needs of the partner while never sacrificing recovery quality. Our metal recovery platform is the true key that unlocks the circular economy thanks to the adaptability engineered directly into the process.