ReElement is the complete modular, adaptable, deployable, and circular critical mineral refining company that produces Magnet-grade rare earth elements and battery-grade cathode active materials.

Our recovery and refining technology uses chromatography to purify all critical mineral containing resources economically and sustainably to technical-grade products introducing true circularity to the supply chain.

Technology overview

The complete modular, adaptable, deployable, and circular critical mineral refining solution

Modular Design & Build

The Flexibility to Scale to our Partner's Specifications

Our technology platform leverages the highly-efficient large binding area of our processing column resin. This enables a single 1x2 meter column to replace a large centralized refining facility and shrink the process footprint to as small as a shipping container ready to be deployed on mine or manufacturing site. The processing columns can be scaled up or down to meet partner’s refining requirements making our technology ideal for both a centralized refining facility or a modular site built and scaled column by column.

Processing Input Adaptability

Capable of Processing All Critical Mineral-Containing Materials Agnostic of Form or Chemistry

ReElement’s platform adaptability is a function of our predictive model design. Using an intrinsic parameters-based design we can rapidly simulate and determine the economic feasibility of any input type or battery chemistry.

Rapidly Deployable & Co-Locatable

Refining Technology Deployable Directly to the Mine or Manufacturing Site

The modularity of our core refining technology means we can swiftly and easily pack our processing columns into a shipping container to be deployed directly on a mining or manufacturing site for continuous refinement. This “Refining-as-a-Service” option is further enhanced by our technology’s low water, power, and chemical consumption making it especially well-equipped for regions with minimal supporting infrastructure.

Circular Refining

Zero-Waste Circular Mine-to-Manufacturing Refining

With nearly all process inputs either reused, recycled, or stored for additional processing our refining technology is the near-zero-waste circular refining solution. Coupled with the ability to process all recycled end-of-life materials, and manufacturing waste, our technology is the only truly circular refining solution operational today. 

Technology origins & history

Born from Over 4 Decades of Research and Development at Purdue University

Over 40 years ago, Professor Linda Nien-hwa Wang, of Purdue University began her research into designing a portable artificial kidney. Her initial research into multicomponent competitive absorption phenomena in a fixed bed led to the maturation of chromatography as an economically viable solution for refining and processing critical minerals. From those early days with limited publicized literature on chromatographic methods applied to mineral processing, Professor Wang was ultimately able to create what former Purdue Research Foundation President, Dan Hasler, called, “the most important patent Purdue has ever produced.”

In 2020, Professor Wang’s research was discovered by American Resources Corporation co-founders, Mark Jensen and Thomas Sauve. At that time, Jensen and Sauve were attempting to identify a refining technology that could process rare earth elements concentrated in coal production byproducts and coal mine pond tailings. From their nearly 2 decades of experience across natural resources operations, they identified Professor Wang’s chromatographic separation technology as a cost-effective solution to treat not just coal run-off but the entire rare earth element industry at large; an industry calcified into a global monopoly. After initial feasibility testing the recovery and refining of rare earth elements from Indiana wind turbine magnets, ReElement Technologies was born.

The most environmentally sustainable refining process available today