ReElement is the complete modular, adaptable, deployable, and circular critical mineral refining company that produces Magnet-grade rare earth elements and battery-grade cathode active materials.

We recover and refine two separate product types: rare earth elements for magnetic applications and critical battery elements for battery cathode manufacturing


High-Purity, Clean, Magnet-grade Rare Earth Element Oxides


99.99%+ Pure Neodymium Oxide

ReElement produces high purity neodymium oxide for the magnet manufacturers from all input types such as  bastnasite ores, monasite sands, recycled permanent magnets, and swarf from magnet manufacturing processes.


99.99%+ Pure Dysprosium Oxide

Our refining technology produces 99.99%+ pure dysprosium oxide from all input materials such as rare earth containing mineral ores, and recycled end-of-life permanent magnets from applications such as wind turbines, consumer electronics, hard disk drives, and military applications.


99.99%+ Pure Praseodymium Oxide

Our refining technology processes praseodymium efficiently and economically like the other rare earth elements from all input materials making it a truly circular solution for end-use applications.


99.99%+ Pure Terbium Oxide

ReElement Technologies sustainably and economically refines terbium from all input resources including mineral ores and end-of-life feedstocks making certain this valuable rare earth element is never lost to smelting.

critical battery elements

High-Purity, Clean, Battery-grade elements for lithium battery cathodes


99.99%+ Pure Lithium Carbonate or Hydroxide

Our technology platform leverages the highly-efficient large binding area of our processing column resin. This enables a single 1x2 meter column to replace a large centralized refining facility and shrink the process footprint to as small as a shipping Our refining technology efficiently and sustainably processes all lithium-containing inputs including mineral ores, black mass, recycled batteries, mineral brines, and manufacturing waste. We are the only company in the world that can profitably refine lithium from LFP chemistry black mass. ready to be deployed on mine or manufacturing site. The processing columns can be scaled up or down to meet partner’s refining requirements making our technology ideal for both a centralized refining facility or a modular site built and scaled column by column.


99.99%+ Pure Nickel Sulfate

Similarly to our rare earth refining technology, we are able to purify and separate all cathode active materials including NMC recycled batteries and black mass. Our recovery rates exceed 90 percent and purities exceed 99.99 percent for all critical elements including the transition metals like nickel. 


99.99%+ Pure Cobalt Sulfate

In addition to purifying and separating NMC-based batteries and black mass, our technology can be used to separately process cobalt from all input types including cobalt-containing mineral ores.


99.99%+ Pure Manganese Sulfate

Our manganese sulfates products are 99.99%+ pure capable of being produced from a wide array of feedstock types helping decentralize the global supply of this mineral.

Powered by reelement

A Modular Refining Solution Calibrated to Meet The Specific Mining, Refining or Manufacturing Needs of our Partners

“Powered by ReElement” is our service offering of seamless integration of our processing columns into any new or existing manufacturing or mining site.

The small space requirements and low energy, water, and chemical needs of our chromatography columns allows rapid deployment of our technology on-site to continuously process and refine all critical minerals or metals.


Powered by ReElement is a modular build. Our processing columns may be added to any existing mine or manufacturing facility column by column to meet the required scale of our partners.


We can adapt our Powered by ReElement to any feedstock type or chemistry thanks to our predictive model design to rapidly simulate and determine intrinsic engineering parameters.


Powered by ReElement is a small footprint scalable refining solution capable of being deployed entirely from a large shipping container directly on our partner’s site. Seamless integration into our partner’s process means little downtime spent deploying our refining tech.


Due to the mild chemicals and low power requirements, our Powered by ReElement refining platform can recover nearly all chemical and water inputs to be recycled and reused indefinitely making the technology a near-zero waste circular refining solution.

inflation reduction act compliant critical minerals

A Strategic Commitment to Support U.S. Rare Earth & Critical Battery Element Refining

ReElement is well-positioned to support domestic critical mineral production that qualifies for the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

ReElement is confident that over 50 percent of the value added to our final refined products, specifically our cathode active material-ready lithium hydroxide or lithium carbonate will be created in the United States.

The most environmentally sustainable refining process available today